About Shed

Shed is an investor-backed, fast growing tech start-up that’s set to disrupt a $33B self-storage industry.

Shed has patent-pending innovations, technology and a passionate team ready to provide consumers the experience they have been longing for in the self-storage industry.

We have one main goal: helping individuals to create a better relationship with their belongings. Whether it be through cataloguing, organizing, storing or decluttering – the team at Shed wants to give our customers the tools they need to manage the things they value in a way that provides peace-of-mind and ease of life.

Although we’re new to Vancouver and LA, we’re not new to the game. Backed by the team that brought Europe’s Pratikdepo to life, we’ve been living and breathing storage for over 10 years.

We are also hiring, if you want to join an investor-backed, fast growing tech start-up please forward your resume to

Our Philosophy


We love it. We hate it. But, we can’t always manage it. What if you could change your relationship with the stuff you own? Simplify it. Clarify it. Make it better. You can. Introducing Shed: We don’t just store your items. We manage them. We are a company on a mission to redefine and improve the relationship between people and their possessions. And we’re doing it in three incredible ways.


We’re reimagining the role storage plays in your life. We pack it. We pick it up. We store it. We bring it back. On your time and on your terms. 


We’re helping you organize and prioritize your stuff, so you can hold on to the things you love and let go of the things you don’t. 


We’re building a community of lenders and borrowers to make the most out of the stuff you have and the stuff you want.

It’s time there was a company that understood the deep relationships people have with their belongings. A company that knows that just because something is out of sight, it’s never out of mind. A company that knows when you take control of your stuff, you’re taking control of the way you live.

Welcome to Shed.

Welcome to Smarter living.